Monday, August 15, 2011

Style Survey

Hello Everyone! I thought it might be fun to post a style survey on here so I can share my answers. I would love for you to share your answers as well.

I skimp when buying:
Lots of things. I ALWAYS check the clearance section where ever I go. If I can get it cheaper, I do. I try not to pay full price.
<3 I splurge when buying:
This is a hard question to answer as I am a bargain hunter. I will scour the internet and shops to find the best price for me.
<3 I always break this fashion rule:
Heavy eyeliner and dark lips. I am pale and like to rim my eyes with BLACK eyeliner. I love to use a darker color on my lip to give me that "Snow White" look.
<3 I never break this fashion rule:
I like to do whatever I want. I make my own trends.
<3 Must have item for Winter 2011:
A sassy leopard print bag
<3 Favorite store:
Target, Forever 21 (yes, I can STILL shop there), Modcloth, H&M, and Urban Outfitters
<3 Style icon:
Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, and Wednesday Addams
<3 Most cherished item:
My engagement ring and my wedding band.
<3 Favorite item of clothing:
My Vivianne Westwood for Melissa Shoes (2 pairs), My Chanel bag
<3 Favorite stylish movie:
The Devil wears Prada, Marie Antoinette, Cry Baby
<3 Guilty pleasure:
Stripper platform shoes (not the clear ones)
<3 Describe your personal style:
Retro mod sex kitten with a twist of Flapper and Punk
<3 I feel best wearing:
High Heels and Fishnets
<3 Personal style quirk:
Flapperesque Headbands and glitzy jewelry
<3 Most overrated item:
<3 Most underrated item:
A warm hat in the winter.
<3 Most stylish city:
New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles
<3 Never caught wearing:
Crocs! Ewwww. Just fugly
<3 When I was in high school I wore:
Dresses, knee socks, high heeled maryjanes, silver glitter platform maryjanes, glitter on my eyes
(Think "Clueless")
<3 Shine your own shoes?
If they are patent leather, then yes, I wipe them down so they are not dusty looking
<3 Favorite fashion magazine:
Nylon, Lucky and InStyle
<3 Favorite other magazine:
Tattoo Magazines
<3 Cologne, skincare, perfume:
Skincare is KEY. I use Clean and Clear moisterizer EVERYDAY! Perfume is usually SJP, Mary Kay's Sparkling Pomegranite or Honeysuckle, or Valentino's Rock and Rose
<3 I always dress my best for:
My husband and myself. :)
There you have it folks! Please feel free to use this survey...I would love to read your answers too!

Love and Kisses,

Candi Marie