Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ten Things I Love Thursday!!!

Ok, so its a little late, but here are the things I am LOVING this week!

1. Wendy's Caramel Frosty Shakes!!! Soooo good! I am officially addicted!

2. Nicola Formichetti's blog:  I love his blog! He is the stylist/designer for Mugler, who just so happens to be good friends with Miss Lady Gaga! I wish I could work with him......Sigh!

3. Rainy days: I me weird, but I love rainy days. In the words of Miss Shirley Manson, "I'm only happy when it rains"!

4. NY Ink: I normally do not like reality tv, but I have made an exception. Plus, it IS about a Tattoo Parlor

5. Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles potato chips: I love these things. They are so yummy.

6. THIS:
7. This Story:   It is super sweet and inspiring. Be prepared to tear up.....I sure did. >^..^<

8. THIS BAG: (which I will NEVER afford)
9.! Michael K is hilarious and keeps me up to date on news about celebs and stories!

Last but certainly NOT least:
10.  The Dollar Section at Target:  I have bought numerous GREAT items from the dollar section. They always have cutesy things and Hello Kitty notepads, pencils, stampers, and more. Gotta love that!

Anywhoozles....Hope everyone has a great start to their weekends!

Love and Kisses,
Candi Marie

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