Monday, April 11, 2011

An Introduction to Short and Sweet!

Hello World,

My name is Candi Marie. I reside in the Mitten, otherwise known as Michigan. I have always been a huge follower of fashion, since I was a young child. I love to shop and put together outfits, create new trends, and revamp old ones. I love to look at fashion magazines and check out the latest looks that the designers come up with, however, I know that the possibility of affording such amazing looks is slim to none. I find myself asking, "Why do they feature only the most expensive clothing"? Even the teen magazines show girls wearing expensive looks. My goal is to create a blog that will showcase amazing fashion, but without the expensive pricetags. Some other things that I would like to feature are:
  • Make-up and beauty product reviews
  • DIY
  • How to's
  • $50 outfit challenges
  • and much much more!!!
I hope all of you enjoy my Short and Sweet little blog.

Love and Kisses,
Candi Marie

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