Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Annnnnnnnnd it's Wednesday!

Today has been a little better than yesterday. I decided to try something different with my hair.....AND, I am wearing a necklace that I made. Its a rather gloomy day out, so I decided to wear cerulean blue to brighten things up. I am also wearing an antique headband that I found years ago.
 Hello Bouffant!

(I wasn't trying to look unhappy here, promise!)
I am wearing NEW shoes today too. Course, I have had them for a while, just never worn them.

(sorry, a little blurry)

Anywhoozles, they are from Forever 21, and they are actually quite comfortable and lightweight. I am quite fond of them. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! Enjoy!

Love and Kisses,   
Candi Marie

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