Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello Blogging World! Welcome to Wednesday!! Hope everyone is having a great week. My week seems to be going by rather quickly.....and I am thrilled that I get an additional day off making my weekend even longer. I have Spring cleaning to do and I want to spend time with my wonderful husband and our pets.

I think it is about time I post some pics of my "Furry babies". They are the little loves of my life and mean the world to me. Introducing.......(drum roll please)

Wonton Tao is my Pekingese. He is small in size, but he doesn't think so. He is extremely protective of me.

Next, we have.....

Loki is an odd cat. He is by far, my LARGEST cat. He weighs about 25 pounds. He sits on his butt, like in the above photo and he will sit up on his back feet to beg for food, like a dog. He ONLY drinks out of the sink and will whine and cry if he can see the bottom of the food dish. To show you just how large he is, here is a photo of him wearing MY panties:

He also has a lovely collection of hats: Here is Loki modeling his Elephant Hat.

Next we have......

Miss Coco Chanel
Chanel is a little princess. She has the cutest little meow and is just plain adorable. She knows she is cute so she uses that to her advantage. She has my husband thinking she can do NO wrong!

My next furry child is.................Miu Miu

Miu Miu is a lovely dovey kitty. She loves to lay upon my chest and dig her claws in. Ouch, I know!
She meows with her mouth shut! She is the klutziest cat I own!

Last but certainly, not least...... PRADA!   (Yes, there is a fashion theme.....can you tell???)

Prada is the smallest AND newest additon to our little family. She likes to sleep on the back of the chair and follow my husband around and get underfoot. I need to take more photos of her!

Anywhooo......those are the kiddo's!

Have a great day!

Love and Kisses,

Candi Marie

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