Thursday, May 12, 2011

TEN Things I LOVE Thursday!

1. First and Foremost, I am LOVING being part of the IFB Network. I have made some very amazing new blogger friends and am very fortunate for that.

2. Spring is here! Hooray for pretty dresses and colorful skirts and sandals!

3. My new car! My husband and I just got a silver PT Cruiser.....and I LOVE IT.

4. Having tomorrow off.....even though I have much cleaning to do!

5. Checking out my new blogger friends' blogs!

6. My little solar flower on my desk that dances. It is like my own personal cheerleader!

7. My recent boost of creativity. I am taking advantage of that!

8. The fact my Grandma is giving me a sewing machine! I cannot wait to start sewing and creating!

9. Going to lunch with friends and having fun

10. Watching the Soprano's with my husband. He is getting me into it, now that the show has been over for a long time.

Enjoy the day, friends!

Love and Kisses,        

Candi Marie

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you on #7...don't you love when that happens!