Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good Morning, Saturday peeps!

Candi Marie here.....semi sleepy and at work. (boo) I honestly am starting believe that it should be a sin to be awake before 10am on a saturday. Did I mention that it is raining and gloomy out?? Perfect day to be in bed sleeping still. Thank God for Biggby coffee. :) is a recap of my day off.......

Yesterday was a good day. While my hubby was having a meeting downtown, I went thrifting at One Girl's Treasure and bought 2 amazing vintage dresses, a skirt and a fabulous satin black and white polka dot blouse, and a silver sequin hair flower. I was quite pleased with my finds. I wasnt even planning on shopping. It just sort of, happened. I was also surprised that OGT carried vintage clothing. That made me very happy. Then, we stopped to this great store on Wealthy Street, called Phills Stuff. This store is only open when "Phill" feels like opening it. Anywhoo, they have everything you can imagine in it. Antiques, hardware, jewelry, old pictures, Manniquins, and TONS of Records.....and a plethera of much much more. My husband picked out 2 really cool vintage postcards and I purchased some very sparkly cocktail rings.

Today, is a work day for me....only until 2pm. Then I will go home and take a nice nap. After napping, I have my work cut out for me. CLEANING!!!!

Hope you all have a happy Saturday.....or CATurday!
This is my sweet little girl, Coco Chanel, making sleep look AWESOME!

Love and Kisses,
Candi Marie        

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