Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Terrible TUESDAY!

So I am just done and over with this day. Can it be Wednesday now......please??  The day started with my shoe strap breaking at work. Thinking quickly, I STAPLED it back on. Then my computer got infected with a virus....so I went half the day without a computer at work. THEN, my awesome idea of stapling my strap onto my shoe caused it to rub on my ankle causing a lovely gash.  So needless to say, I had to run to Target on my lunch break to buy a pair of shoes. I went with simple black flats being that I will wear them over and over again. Thinking things were going to get better.....I get the icing on the cake......My poor husband who has been searching aimlessly for a job and thought he finally got a good job, was let down once again.

So, tonight, I shall come home from work, take a hot bath and relax the rest of the night with my husband and pretend all is well.

This is my "Having a rough day" face

Cross your fingers that things will go better tomorrow.
Love & Kisses,

Candi Marie

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