Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding day LOVE!

I guess its time to do a post on what I wore for my Wedding day. I knew I wanted something different.....and very, well....ME! Because I am a big fan of Pin-Up, I knew I wanted something retro-esque. I originally went with this dress:

While I LOVE the antique look of this dress, I started to feel like it needed more "Oomph"!
So....after scouring the internet for what I wanted, I FINALLY found this:

This was THE dress I knew I wanted to wear. It had all 3 colors that we planned to use in the wedding. Not only that, but the red satin bow matched PERFECTLY with my handsome husband to be's tie. I then had to look for the perfect veil. I for sure didnt want a long veil....and I knew I wanted something special. After checking out Audrey Kutchings buzznet blog, I found her tutorial for a heart shaped hat that she had DIY'd after seeing a similar one on Instantly, the gears in my mind began to turn and I was able to create my own, complete with a small chin skimming polka dot veil. As for my bouquet, flowers just wouldn't I created my own, with valentine hearts, glitter, sparkles, and more. For the finishing touches, I went to Moxie and had a retro up-do done, and wore a hello kitty heart necklace. All in all, my final bridal ensemble didnt cost me much. In fact, my shoes were the most expensive part of the outfit. (Vivienne Westwood for Melissa skull bow slingbacks)

Without further adieu, here are the photos!

 Anywhooo.....hope you enjoyed the wedding pics!
Love and Kisses,

Candi Marie


  1. that dress is perfect and you both looked great. best wishes for your marriage!

  2. Congratulations for both of you! love all the wedding pictures! I'm your new follower now, It would be great if you can follow me too


  3. That is too cute! When I get married I want a unique dress, as well. Congrats!

    Stop by my blog some time :)

  4. so amazing dress!!! you look stunnig!!! I love it!


  5. Very cool choice of dress. The colors suit you two stunningly and you look so happy *tear rolls down my cheek* I can't wait to grow up :D Love your blog's background as well!
    Your blogger buddy,

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  6. congratulations 1st of all my best wishes!!!
    the dress you chose is so cute!!i love it :DD

    your blog is really cute i followed you too thank you so much for following me :DD

  7. These photos are sooo cute! Love it!